These are the approximate locations where 148 bodies or skeletal remains have been found throughout the desert or in other unusual locations in Clark County going back to the 1950s. They include 37 identified individuals Metro Police believe were murdered but whose cases remain unsolved. The map also reflects 111 unidentified persons that the Clark County Coroner's office reported to the online National Missing and Unidentified Persons System run by the Justice Department.

As the map shows, the most remains have been found in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, as well as Lake Mohave and the roads leading to Lake Mead. Of the 37 victims identified by police, 22 were female, including six girls aged 13 to 17. Of the unidentified individuals, it was determined that 72 were adult males and 23 were adult females, but it was estimated that four of those individuals could have been 17 or younger when they died. Information on age and gender was incomplete in the other cases.

The locations pinpointed on the map are merely approximate in all but a few cases because most of the information readily available provides only sketchy detail on where the decedents were found. Excluded from the map were apparent suicides and cases where bodies were found in homes or businesses.

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  • Cold Case Homicide
  • Unidentified Male
  • Unidentified Female
  • Unknown Gender

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